What Is An Aluminum Composite Material

Composite panels, initially designed for building applications – facing and reconstruction of old buildings (minimal load on the foundation and walls) – have become very popular in advertising production in recent years. These materials are two layers of thin, pre-painted aluminum sheet, between which there is a polymer (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, polystyrene) or refractory mineral filler. The layers are joined together by a technology that provides the finished product with high resistance to delamination. The outer surface of composite materials, in addition to the paint layer, can have a lacquer anticorrosive coating, which increases wear resistance. The article is produced in the form of the continuous tape,

Composite panels have high rigidity, impact resistance, pressure resistance and wind loads and at the same time lightweight (composites 3 to 4 times lighter than steel sheets and 1.5 to 2 times aluminum rolled products).


Materials for internal tasks have aluminum layers of lesser thickness; on their surface is applied mainly polyester coating, in street conditions behaving less stable compared to fluorocarbon.

 In addition to physical and mechanical properties, chemical inertness of the surface and aesthetic advantages, the popularity of composite materials undoubtedly ensures the ease of modification of the shape of the sheet and the production of broken and curved planes allowing the manufacture of a wide variety of products with a minimum number of fastening elements. Panels can be mounted vertically, horizontally or in an inclined position without deformations and sagging.

Composite materials can be operated in a wide temperature range – from -50 ° to +80 ° С.

Areas of application: wall and balcony fences, ceiling structures, canopies and awnings, exterior and interior lining, large advertising carriers – billboards and placards, signs, columns, steles, tablets, volumetric letters, registration of gas stations, shops, stadiums, exhibition construction.